Immortl V2 Token

The upgrade and why
Approaching a year now since our IDO on Artemis Protocol on the Harmony network, our core team has decided to fully migrate and integrate with Polygon, detaching One Immortl from Harmony. This is an essential step to not only further grow the company, but align our values with our future goals and processes. The decision was influenced by a number of reasons, but the most influential being Polygon, along with Polygon Studios, and their continuous support for One Immortl and what we are building
Harmony, a layer-1 blockchain network using proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus, suffered a hack of $100 million on its Horizon Bridge earlier this year. The bridge facilitated cross-chain transfers of digital assets between Harmony and the Ethereum network, Binance Smart Chain and Bitcoin at a 1:1 ratio. This event spiralled to the depegging of stable coins and all assets on Harmony thus leading to the loss of confidence from investors along with a rapid withdrawal of liquidity. The bridge has since been halted. Luckily, prior to this happening, One Immortl had bridged to Binance Smart Chain and Polygon and were able to disperse liquidity on the utilized DEXs. Unfortunately with the mismanagement and lack of an intriguing road of recovery of Harmony, the One Immortl team decided to move on in the best interest for the project.
governing body and its affiliates
Our infrastructure and technology is built on Polygon, a fully-scalable and energy efficient layer-1 blockchain. With its focus on speed and security, Polygon offers the complete solution to ensure users security and transaction finality within seconds at extremely low costs..
Combining transaction speed and low costs, we are able to provide users with a payment system which will be used for both business and pleasure.
As token adoption expands, staking and burning will be introduced to further control availability and rewards for holders.
IMRTL is used for payment services and P2P transactions for users and merchants utilizing the Immortl Enterprise system.
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