Enterprise Payment System

A business solution for blockchain payment integration
Many individuals are moving away from traditional banks to Fintechs. There has also been rising demand and growth of the e-commerce industry with the convenience offered by mobile wallet and payment gateways. With the growing number of crypto users and individuals looking for a seamless avenue to this market, there presents a great opportunity for its technology.
The Immortl Enterprise System will provide ease for users and merchants with a platform for crypto payment transmission.
  • Customers will enjoy seamless transactions with vendors and merchants while benefiting from data security measures in place.
  • Vendors and merchants will be able to smoothly integrate crypto payments into their businesses.
  • The Enterprise System will allow businesses to grow their userbases taking on crypto payments.
  • Payments are made on the Polygon network delivering extremely low fees and quick transaction finality.
  • Invoices can be easily raised and shared via directed links or QR code for quick payments allowing B2B and B2C transactions to be easily and securely performed within seconds.
  • Escrow Services will allow One Immortl to control payment between two parties and allow release when the contract’s terms are met.