Who we are
One Immortl is a blockchain company that is committed to implementing sustainable business practices, with a focus on reducing its carbon footprint. In addition to its environmental efforts, One Immortl also offers a range of services to its users, including a loyalty program, swap with a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator, and enterprise system wallet platform. This allows users to easily manage their digital assets and take advantage of the many benefits that blockchain technology has to offer. With its innovative approach to business and technology, Immortl is well-positioned to lead the way in sustainable blockchain development. After years in the fitness, lifestyle and food industry, the team at One Immortl has come to further recognize the large communities built around his/her favourite locations, stores and products. Our course stands to unite this collection of communities with a platform aimed to reward those striving to live a healthier lifestyle — encouraging sustainability and community. This also aligns with the Immortl vision of becoming a 100% carbon neutral by 2025. As a multi-brand loyalty program with many unique features built on and off-chain, Immortal will unite health, sustainability, and lifestyle to offer users and merchants the security and transparency of web3.
Last modified 1yr ago